The Scope 
Visual Identity System, Logo, Stationary, Marketing Collateral, Website Design, Tablet Presentation, Copywriting

The Challenge 
Exclusive Home Renovations (EHR) is one of Staten Islands premier construction and home renovation businesses. Their work ranges from floor to high hat installation and everything in between. EHR looked to enter a crowded marketplace, looking to challenge the status quo of what the average contractor offers families who seek to renovate their living spaces. They combine form, function and style to give every family a beautiful home to live that suits their everyday needs.

The Solution 
To build our design we needed to understand the goals, objectives and value EHR wanted to bring to its clients. Distilling down the core fundamentals of their brand allowed us to craft a story that was consumer focused. With that foundation in place, we evolved the story through visual ideation and design exploration. 

Our approach was simple and bold. We learned the EHR brand prided itself in the quality of its work, attention to detail, and the new outlook on life it provided to its clients. Since the launch of the visual identity, EHR had grown 25% in its first quarter, and has now become one of the fastest growing construction companies on the island. When polling island consumers, its identity is synonymous with the core essence of what EHR prides itself on delivering to its clients.