The Scope 
Rebrand Strategy, Creative Direction, Social Media Marketing, Promotional Design, Storyboarding, Copywriting

The Challenge 
After years of an inconsistent look, and struggling to find a consistency in their numbers and growth, Ghosts of Eden hired KAL Design Co. to define their band image, marketing approach, promotional graphics, album art and merchandise to increase their overall brand presence.

The Solution 
We developed a comprehensive strategy that focused on accessibility, the origins of each band members passion for music, and why they formed nearly a decade earlier. 

Under our creative direction, we collaborated with photographer, Deneka Penniston, to establish a unique photographic style that was inspired by vintage noir comics of the 1940's and 1950's. Once these stunning visuals were finalized, we implemented their new cohesive look across all medias.

Collaborating with Black Sheep Media, we were also responsible for developing and refining the storyboard, and sequencing of the bands lyric video for one of the feature tracks "Happy".

In 3 months the bands Facebook following had increased over 300%. As a result, their highly anticipated album launch was a huge success, and their release concert nearly sold out on February 6, 2015 at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. Shortly after, the bands lead singer relocated to California, and the band has not performed together since. Hopefully the Ghosts will resurrect in the future. 

Cover Graphic

Photoshoot in Meatpacking District, NYC

Album Art

CD Case Insert

"Happy" lyric video

Social Media Marketing

Event Poster

Merchandise: Screen Printed T-Shirt